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Vox Stone Panels

For our Stone Series, we took inspiration from cottages deep within forests, hot chocolates in front of fireplaces, and birds singing in the morning. This series completes our brand-new luxury European range, offering affordable luxury-style stone as artificial panels for the perfect stacked brick without the real stone price tag. Choose from Lazio, Toscana and Sicily for a rustic and inviting feature wall or home front.

Vox Sandstone Panels

Our Sandstone Series comprises half of our brand-new luxury European range. Once upon a time, this aesthetic may have seemed an unattainable luxury; our Sandstone Series offers an affordable imitation of traditional Sandstone work, so you too can afford such an adornment. Indulge your senses with three colours to choose from: Crème, Beige and Light Grey.

Tudor Brick Panels

Our Tudor Brick Series is our most popular product among cafes, restaurants, and retail outlets alike due to its simple installation, and antique characteristics.

Choose from four classic old-English designs and colours to imitate the natural beauty and texture of brick and stone, inside or outside.

Windsor Stone Panels

Ditch the stonemason and heavy lifting with our Windsor Stone Series. These grand wall panels allow you to take advantage of the majesty of random natural stone, without all the fuss! These panels are often used for at-home castles, sheds, house stone panels, or to simply add a wow factor to your entertaining area.

Sydney Stone Panels

Sydney stone panel brings character and depth to its surroundings. Enhance your outdoor entertainment area or pool fence feature with a stone wall that is maintenance free. Enjoy the rustic texture of this magnificent material in a lightweight and easy to install panels form.